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Last Updated: 14th August 2018

Squad Refund Details

For the 2018/19 season HSBA has introduced a scheme to encourage squad players to take part in more tournaments by offering a substantial refund on the squad fees to those who meet a target for participation. Click click HERE for full details of the scheme.


HSBA Closed and Open tournament schedule 2018/2019

Please click HERE to view tournament details.

Please click HERE to obtain an entry form for the Closed Tournaments (for schools and clubs).

Please click HERE to obtain an entry form for the Closed Tournaments (for individual ).

Events timed to start at 3.30pm, may start earlier depending on entry size of events beforehand.

Senior School Points

The points system for Senior Schools was begun a number of years ago. Originally meant for affiliated schools only, it has now been expanded to players from all Senior School taking part in HSBA tournaments. Points are awarded - on a sliding scale - to players for positions reached in the knockout stages of the tournament in each age group. Points are added together for each school - girls and boys separately - to provide a winner at the end of the season.

Although players from out of county schools are included in the points, their school would not be awarded the trophy if they won as they are not Hertfordshire schools. The league table is compiled by Megan Lumb at the end of each season, and included in the previous seasons' results page, found here.

Badminton Tournament & Coaching for Primary School Children

Please click HERE to obtain an entry form.

  • Sunday 4th March 2018
  • Coaching 10.00 am - 11.00 am
  • Tournament 11 am - 4.00pm (approx)
  • Players can come to one or both events

Team Championship: We invite you to enter a team of three in this exciting tournament. More than one team can be entered but please make sure that there are enough adults or experienced team captains to look after the teams.

  • Each team will consist of 3 or 4 players (all boys or all girls), any three of whom can play in each match
  • Each match will consist of one game of singles game and one game of doubles.
  • Each game will be played to 21 points.
  • Each team will play at least four matches
  • trophies, medals or certificates will be awarded to the top three teams in each of the boys, girls and combined (boys and girls results) competitions.

This is a good introduction to competitive play for young players.
It is a friendly tournament, which we hope will encourage fair play and team spirit.

Coaching: The format is designed to cater for all ages and abilities, but it is particularly suitable for newer players and those receiving limited coaching. We will have several experienced coaches working with the players. The players will be divided into small groups and each group will move round to the coaches to learn a variety of skills. Participants do not have to be part of a team competing in the team tournament.


  • This season 24 different badminton tournaments are open to children born in, living in or attending schools in the county.
  • Our aim is to give children of all abilities the opportunity to play badminton in a safe, competitive and fun environment, against competitors of the same age.
  • The tournaments are run in “Soccer World Cup” format - competitors are divided into groups, and play everyone in their group.
  • This is followed by a second stage of knock-out rounds in “main” and “plate” events - at least one more game for every competitor
  • Players will have a minimum of 3 group games and 1 knockout game, with more if they keep on winning.
Prizes are awarded as follows Annual Trophy Medal Certificate
Main event winners x x x
Main event runners up x x
Main event semi finalists x x
Plate event winners x x
Plate event runners up x x
Plate event semi finalists x

Our “B” singles competitions (9th &16th November 2014) are particularly suitable for school and club players with less experience. (County players do not play in these events.) However players are welcome to enter any competition at all, in their age group or above.

If you run a club or teach in a school where badminton is played why not bring along a group. It's a great way to keep fit and socialise!!!

Entry forms for individuals or schools/clubs, and a full list of this season's tournaments can be downloaded from the download section.

If you need any further information or just want a general chat please feel free to call or mail Barbara Lewczynska on 01923 856539 or 07979 384603 e-mail: tournaments@hsba.org.uk